Facilities Maintenance Phoenix

Commercial building maintenance and general home maintenance services are a difficult challenge for both businesses owners and home owners in Phoenix, Arizona. Sometimes defining what facilities maintenance means is the first step when opening discussion with new clients, because each client has their own specific objectives and needs. We offer a variety of facility maintenance services that cover the broad spectrum of needs for our clients available individually or utillized together as an integrated maintenance solution.

Commercial Building Maintenance

Whether your commercial building needs daily maintenance services such as janitorial or landscaping, we can help. We can provide weekly or monthly inspections or perhaps annual or semi annual unkeep services like painting, equipment servicing, roof repair or perhaps even dark location maintainence our Phoenix based service professionals can develop a comprehensive service plan to meet any of your needs.

HVAC - Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning

Perhaps no other market in the United States is a good HVAC maintenance and inspection routine more important than in the Phoenix area. We of course provide 24/7 emergency service but we also provide service and maintence contracts which provide inspection and servicing of equipment as well as planning for outages. Our team of HVAC professionals can provide service to your Heating and Air Conditioning as well as walk in and reach in coolers, ice machines and other equipment that is subject to routine inspection.


Many businesses make the mistake of treating plumbing as something that is necessary on a reactive basis, so that the business will have a plumbing company that they call when issues arise. We provide plumbing service contracts that allow you to take a proactive stance towards your building or facility's plumbing needs. This includes routine system maintenance, inspection, repair and replacement of faulty equipment including the indoor plumbing, outdoor irrigation and sewage system.

Facilities Compliance Services

Our facilities maintenance team can help plan and prepare to meet environmental and ADA standards. We can give you an unbiased 3rd party evaluation of what areas are likely not in compliance and what steps it will take to remain in complaince.