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We build, plan, develop & construct apartments in Phoenix, AZ.

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apartment construction in progess phoenix az

This is where our company got started 15 short years ago, apartment construction in Phoenix, AZ. We plan, build and construct apartments for entrepreneurs and investors looking to go in to the apartment renting business. We been building apartments since 2000 and Dave Atchison, the owner of Atchison Construction has been building apartments since 1990. As apartment builders in Phoenix, AZ , we are proud of the many ground up custom and luxury apartments we've constructed valley wide. We treat your money as if it were our own and your apartment's quality as if it were our own. 75% of custom and luxury apartment builders went out of business in 2006-2012. Before you hire an apartment contracting company to build your apartments, you should check out the builders first before you hire them, look for their license or AZROC#. We offer all types of construction to make sure that we stay in business for good!

apartment builders in phoenix az

The apartment industry is a booming business that contributed $1.3 trillion dollars to the United States economy in 2013 coupled with more than 12 million new jobs created according to Stephen S. Fuller

The United States Census Bureau says that "apartment vacancies hit their lowest point in 20 years in the last quarter of 2014 - 4.8%. This low vacancy rate led to an explosion of apartment construction that cannot hold pace with the present demand. That's where we come in.

commercial apartment contractors phoenix az

Even our owner Dave loves nothing more than be a critical member of the apartment build. He will help you in finding the right architect and designer to get the right apartment design you want. Then he will pull the permits but before he does, he will bid your apartment out to 3-6 trades and the 22-25 subs needed to construct it and find you the lowest apartment construction costs. We place due diligence on all the subs we pick as if they do bad work or don't show up, that falls back on our contract with you, the owner. We are proud of our track record as apartment construction contractors and hold ourselves to the highest standards. Our jobs always hit the budget or below it and are on time every time. We have a portfolio of apartments we've built and would be more than happy to show you what we can do for your project. Let us build your apartments in Phoenix, AZ,

Call us today at 602-478-9870 or Fill out our contact form below.

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